Tactical Investment Management

Striving for Positive Results

Tactical Investment Management at Cornerstone Capital, we offer clients a true tactical management approach to investing. This tactical investment strategy is what makes our financial professionals different. Many advisors use strategic asset allocation and diversification* and advise you to stick to the plan regardless of what is happening in the market. At Cornerstone Capital, the tactical investment strategy that our professionals use is based on the premise that the key to long term investment success is to avoid major market declines. Tactical management proactively monitors your accounts to adapt to the environment you are currently in.

* Diversification does not guarantee against market losses. It is a method to help manage investment risk.

Winning means playing both offense and defense

The buy and hold strategies of the past bull market years simply don't work in the current secular bear market. It's like playing a sport without a defense - you can't win.

Our proactive tactical investment management approach provides you with a strategic defense that helps preserve your assets in a declining market, combined with an offense designed to allow you to participate in a rising market. This strategy may entail moving portfolios completely out of the market at times because we believe it's more important not to lose in a down market than it is to gain in an up market. Our goal is to provide you with a winning offensive/defensive strategy that looks to relieve you of the pressure of current economic conditions and changing financial markets.

Rethinking your investment strategy

We don't just react, we attempt to prepare for what's going to happen. Our hands-on approach allows us to monitor your portfolio every day, so our decisions are based on the current market and economic conditions. If you're concerned about your portfolio's performance, it may be time to rethink your investment strategy. We'd be happy to sit down with you and discuss how our tactical investment management strategy may help increase your portfolio's potential for growth. 

*Investing involves risk and no investment strategy can guarantee the profit or protect against loss.