CPAs & Business Advisors

Advising on and designing your clients’ retirement plans can be challenging. This can require intimate knowledge of everything from business and corporate structure to investment strategies and taxation law. Luckily, as a trusted business advisor, you can look to the team at Cornerstone Capital Wealth Management for support. We will work with you and your client to coordinate the most efficient plan for them and their employees.

We are a total solution for your clients’ retirement plans

Instead of consulting with multiple advisors, we can provide you and your clients with all of the expertise and support you need, including investment advice, help selecting recordkeepers, and interpreting reports and testing from your third-party administrator. We will collaborate with you to streamline all aspects of your clients’ retirement plans. We provide investment advice, address and document fiduciary concerns, and employee education.

We happily share our expertise

At Cornerstone Capital Wealth Management we know that one of the most important things we do is share our expertise. It’s not enough to counsel clients—we share our expertise with their advisors as well. It is our goal to be the single resource to CPAs and other business advisors when it comes to everything retirement-related, from the latest thinking in plan design to changes in legislation and tax law.

To that end, we are committed to providing you with opportunities to gain experience and share, including:

  • Seminars
  • Zoom calls
  • Lunch & learn events
  • Publications & articles

We can help your clients with plan participation and employee education

Your clients’ benefits are only a value if they are being used.

At Cornerstone Capital Wealth Management, we offer a full slate of education and services designed to help you help your employees maximize their benefits. From employee education meetings to custom education programs, we will help your employees examine their current situation and future needs. Then we will guide them make use of the benefits available based on their personal needs.

Additionally, we provide a wide array of investment portfolios designed to support your participants’ needs and goals from age- and income-appropriate portfolios to socially conscious investing.

Need help with a client’s benefits?

Ask us!