Our Services

Investment Planning

We believe that tactical management helps smooth the fluctuations we may feel in our investments. We will manage how your investments and portfolio managers work together to help avoid gaps, overlaps and manager conflicts. We will also help you establish the amount of fluctuation you are comfortable with and deconstruct your current portfolio and analyze it based on risk, tax efficiencies and cost to see if it’s aligned with your comfort level. If it’s not, then we will make the appropriate adjustments.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

What happens to your family and/or business if you’re not here tomorrow? We will review the plans and contingencies you have in place and make sure that they’re sufficient for your needs.

Banking and Credit Management

Many of our clients are looking for ways to lower interest payments or get more interest on cash and liquid investments.  We will get an understanding of your needs and make recommendations to improve your situation.

Retirement Planning

As your financial architect, we design a wealth management plan to help you achieve your specific goals. We will coordinate with your attorney, accountant, insurance agent, and other advisors to help ensure that everyone is working toward the same goal in the most efficient way possible.

Executive Compensation

We help you navigate the complexities of your unique compensation package including Stock Option Plans and RSUs.

Business Succession Planning

Many of our business owners have done a great job building successful businesses and get to a point at which they start thinking about transitioning the business to the next stage. Whether your plan includes family, employees, or selling to a third party we can help coordinate the right people who need to be involved to structure the best next steps for your company.

Planning for Incapacity

What happens to your family or business if you or a key employee can no longer work? We’ll walk you through various scenarios that could happen and make sure we have a plan to keep your business and family functioning.

Education and Family Support

If you have children or grandchildren you’d like to help with their education, we’ll develop a strategy that makes sense for your family to help them get the best and most affordable education possible. And as your parents age we will help you with planning around how to get them the best care you can provide.

Charitable Giving

If you have charitable intentions, there are many ways in which we can help you conduct your wishes.  We can help you with tax efficient ways  to structure your charitable giving that can leave a lasting legacy.

Titling and Beneficiary Designations

We find with new clients one of the first things that needs to happen is having their accounts titled appropriately and updating beneficiary designations. This can prevent the courts from getting involved when it comes time to distribute your estate.

Executor/Trustee Selection

We will help you make sure you have the correct people or institutions in place to manage your trust.

Distribution of Estate

We are here to help families with the distribution of their estates, from making sure you have the correct documents and identifying an attorney to work with, in order to take as much of the burden off your family as possible.  When you go through a loss of a loved one it is very emotional.  We will take care of processing all of the paperwork which will save you days of work.  You can focus on spending time with your family and not worry about distribution of accounts.

Tax Planning

We will coordinate with your CPA to make sure that we are managing your investments in the most tax efficient way. We will also strategize with your CPA about the most tax efficient ways to take distributions from your accounts.

If you own a business, we will design a plan for your company to help you reduce your tax liability and review it each year with your CPA to maximize your retirement savings.