Workplace Retirement Plan Management

Help With Managing Your Employer-Provided Plan

Workplace Retirement Plan ManagementIf you have significant assets in your employer's retirement plan, you may be:

  • Overwhelmed with investment selection
  • Worried about the current market environment
  • Looking for professional advice & guidance

You may not know which investments are most suited to your needs, how much risk you should take on, or how to make adjustments to accommodate market changes. Some people only consider overly conservative choices and miss out on significant opportunities in the market or choose growth opportunities that fail to materialize. Many people select a few investments and never change them or rely on "water-cooler advice" from co-workers.

The professionals at Cornerstone Capital provide you with proactive, professional advice on an individual basis for the retirement account provided by your employer. We serve as your personal money manager to manage your retirement account on an individual basis by potentially reducing the risk associated with investing through a blend of asset allocation and a tactical wealth management strategy. This strategy diversifies* assets according to your own risk tolerance. We continually monitor investment options to remove under-performing investments and use money market investments to help preserve principal in a declining market. We'd be happy to sit down with you and discuss how our personal money management services can help increase your employer-provided retirement plan's potential for growth.

* Diversification does not guarantee against market losses. It is a method to help manage investment risk.